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Posted 3rd June 2020

The rising cost of replacement wearing parts from Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) has fuelled the development of Agricast’s new range of complete bolt-on packers.

Agricast’s complete bolt-on packer options aim to be a simple and cost-effective solution for farmers looking to replace worn rollers on almost any machine. Trials of the packers started this month.

With a build time of four to six weeks, Agricast is aiming to supply the new packers for around a third of the price charged by OEMs for replacement consolidation rollers. Options will include 560mm to 710mm rings in a variety of styles fastened to large diameter tubes or mounted on axles. Each roller will be made to the customer’s specification to minimise the changes required on existing frames.

“We are aiming to produce a range of rollers for around £1,000 per metre, which is considerably less than original equipment manufacturers,” says William Robinson, general manager at Agricast. “We’ve developed this new range in response to enquiries from our customers, who are saying they have been quoted as much as £12,000 for a replacement roller on a machine that cost £30,000. It looks like a ploy to get people to buy whole machines, instead of just replacing the worn part. If you’re going to spend £12,000 or more, then why not upgrade to the latest model for a little bit more money? Given the current economic situation, farmers are watching every penny; this approach doesn’t make sense. We’ve had lots of phone calls all asking for the same thing – an easy to install, reliable and well-made set of gangs at a reasonable price – so that’s what we are developing.

“In typical style, to make things challenging, one of the first machines to trial the flagship 650mm diameter welded roller is a 12m Horsch Terrano FM!. We have done some smaller machines with more conventional Guttler style packers and coils, but this is first large cultivator to use the 650mm welded rings mounted on a 406mm diameter tube utilising replaceable stub axles.”


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