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Half The Price, Twice As Good

Posted on 4th April 2022

Our Low Cost Packer (LCP) has proven incredibly popular since we introduced them, with one farmer saying they are as good as packers costing twice as much!

Angus Noble, who farms 250 acres in South Cave near Hull, was so impressed with the LCP-650 that he kindly sent us several photos of it fitted to his three-leg Simba Flatliner, which he renovated.

We supplied the roller, scrapers and u-bolts to fit the existing frame with no modifications required.

“The LCP does a really good job, and it’s very well priced and well made,” says Angus. “We’ve used it several times, and it has worked well on both sandy and heavy land and offers good weather proofing. It’s versatile too. We’ve used it to break up clods as well as with the subsoiler and after ploughing the heavy land. I’d certainly recommend Agricast’s LCP to anyone looking for a well made, great value for money packer.”

We introduced the LCP in July 2021 in response to the increasing cost of OEM parts. By using part-worn press rings on the LCP, we can keep the initial price as low as possible without sacrificing build quality. The rings are replaceable so the packer has excellent longevity.

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