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Agricast’s Terragrip Trade-In To Launch At LAMMA

Posted on 9th January 2023

Agricast will use LAMMA 2023 to launch a unique trade-in service for people looking to replace their Terragrip Spring Units with the company’s shear bolt protected alternative – the Agricast Leg Clamp.

The Agricast Leg Clamp is a cost-effective replacement for the Terragrip Spring Unit, which allows users to move to lower disturbance cultivation methods.

The trade-in service is straightforward. People who send in a complete Terragrip Spring Unit will receive an Agricast Leg Clamp in return for just the delivery cost.

The launch of the trade-in service coincides with an Agricast offering an expanded range of Terragrip Spring Units parts in its 2023 Parts Catalogue and online at Agricast.net.

William Robinson, Agricast’s managing director, says: “We developed this alternative leg clamp after successfully converting a Simba SL600 that was first demonstrated as far back as Tillage Live in 2017. With our expanded range of low disturbance legs, we continue to develop straightforward ways to adapt older machines to more modern cultivation practices.

“As well as introducing the Agricast Leg Clamp, we also decided to expand our range of Terragrip Spring Unit spare parts. The OEM unit is very effective but can wear quickly in hard ground conditions, as we saw last year, and with the cost of parts doubling in the last four or five years, maintaining them is becoming prohibitive. Our range of aftermarket parts are much better value, made to equal or better standards and are a direct replacement”.

As with many Agricast’s parts, the company has refined and strengthened the original design, in this case developing compatibility with its LDX, GLX and STX low disturbance legs and original parts.

Keen to help customers cope with the cost of living crisis and the rapidly rising price of OEM parts, as well as the new Terragrip parts, Agricast will retain 2022’s pricing for people ordering its GLX, LDX and STX points at LAMMA 2023.

“Like all other manufacturers, our supply chain costs are going up, and we have no choice but to increase our prices slightly this year,” says Will. “However, we’re keen to do what we can to help our customers, and we know they’re facing tough times, so hopefully, honouring last year’s prices for our low disturbance points will be appreciated.”

Agricast’s GLX point was one of its best-selling parts in 2022. Introduced in December 2020, the GLX point is backwards compatible with the Sumo GLS and grassland legs and is designed to deliver medium-depth cultivation with minimal soil disturbance.

With prices starting at just £39.50 per point, Mr Robinson believes the GLX offers one of the lowest costs per acre available, primarily as they feature extensive tungsten reinforcement on the leading edges, hard facing on the body and a redesigned wing to protect the fixings.

Established in 1987, Agricast celebrated its 35th birthday in November 2022. As well as being the UK’s leading Cambridge roll ring specialist, Agricast also supplies press rings, disc blades and subsoiler wear parts. The company also provides bespoke alterations and fabrication services.

For more information about Agricast’s new Terragrip collection and its range of over 1,000 replacement parts, visit stand 328 in hall 20 at LAMMA.

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